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WWF Plush 15cm Floppy Panda

WWF Plush 15cm Floppy Panda

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The panda bear has a status of being one of the most iconic endangered species. They live in China, Eastern Asia, but only in very very small numbers. All caused by the destructions of its habitat. For every WWF plush sold, a donation is made to your local WWF organisation.

Eco-friendly and socially responsible production! All WWF plush products are sustainable and therefore last a lifetime. They are manufactured according to the highest standards when it comes to sustainability (Der Blauer Engel) and are made with a 100% recycled PET bottle stuffing. Our suppliers are carefully selected and all meet the ethical supply chain (ICTI) status.

Materials: Polyester, 100% recycled PET.
Age: 0 to 99 years old
Certificates: ICTI - Ethical Toy Program
Washing Instruction: Hand wash

Article No: W15183004

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