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HOWARD ROBINSON Selfies 3D Puzzle 100pc Underwater Self

HOWARD ROBINSON Selfies 3D Puzzle 100pc Underwater Self

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The Animal Selfie puzzle series brings an adorable picture of animals posing for a selfie to life! Howard Robinson's Animal Selfie series is a cute series featuring animals posing with goofy expressions. Sure to make anybody chuckle in amusement! The 3D lenticular printing gives the impression of movement and depth in the completed puzzle. Watch the adorable animals change their facial expressions as you look at the puzzle from different angles. Super captivating even after you have finished fixing it! You can display it in your house and fascinate all your visitors. 100 piece puzzle.

Super 3D lenticular printing. Picture from Howard Robinson's images. Measures 31 x 23cm. Ages 4 and up. Made in China.

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